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Nanolat Co., Ltd.

About Nanolat Co., Ltd.

Nanolat is the world leader in low latency data processing with Nanolat Database and Nanolat Message Queue. The company was founded by ex-employees of NHN Japan and Microsoft. Having more than 10 years of experience in in-memory DBMS development and Database tuning, we provide high quality enterprise software satisfying our customers mainly in financial area. 

Our Vision

Deliver high quality enterprise software with low latency data processing to satisfy our customers in financial area.


We have two products for low latency data processing in financial area. One is database, and another is message queue.

Nanolat Database

Nanolat Database is able to store, search, and replicate data at low latency by processing whole data in-memory. It has simple key-value store interface, achieves high availability by transactional log replication, provides extensibility with plug-in interface, which enables customers to develop their own storage system to boost processing data for their specific use cases. Nanolat Database can commit a transaction within 5 micro seconds and can process 1,500,000 transactions per second.

Nanolat Message Queue

Nanolat Message Queue is able to send messages from a machine to another within 3 micro seconds using 40G Infiniband or 10G Ethernet. It provides simple API similar to socket API, allowing you to send messages in request-reply(1 to 1) fashion and publish-subscribe(1 to N) fashion.

Contact Information

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Phone : 1-415-272-0796