Nanolat Message Queue - A message in 3 us.

Nanolat Message Queue

About Nanolat Message Queue

Nanolat Message Queue is a message queue that can deliver a message from a server to another server within several micro seconds. It has very simple interface similar to socket API.

Target systems

Financial data processing systems that require delivery of messages within 2 ~ 3 micro seconds between co-located servers.

Why use it?
  • Low Latency : Nanolat Message Queue delivers a message to another machine within several micro seconds. Nanolat Message Queue uses RDMA of Infiniband network to deliver messages as quickly as possible.
  • Simple Interface : The interface of Nanolat Message Queue is simple and easy to use. For sending or receiving messages, you need to use only 6~7 functions, which are similar to socket API.
  • Compatibility to ZeroMQ and Crossroads : Nanolat Message Queue provides compatibility to ZeroMQ and Crossroads. Nanolat Message Queue provides major features of ZeroMQ and Crossroads. Supported major features include 1 to 1 node delivery (REQ-REP pattern) and 1 to N node delivery (PUB-SUB pattern).
How it works?

Traditional message queues use TCP or UDP for sending and receiving messages between servers depending on OS kernel, which does not guarantee low latency data delivery.
On the other hand, Nanolat Message Queue bypasses Linux kernel and directly access NICs such as Infiniband or 10G Ethernet to deliver messages within several micro seconds. 

Supported Platforms
  • RedHat EL5 up6, RedHat EL5 up7. RedHat EL6, EL 6.1 EL 6.2 EL 6.3
  • SLES10 SP4, 11, 11 SP1
  • Scientific Linux 6.1 
  • Other Linux distributions with kernel version 2.6 - 3.1
How to get user manual and product binary?

Send an email to to get the user manual and product binary of Nanolat Message Queue. In case you do not want to wait for the email, you can reach us by calling 1-415-272-0796.